Social Media Management

“Contains all social medias”

-YouTube consultancy

Advertisement consultancy


We create efficient videos!

-Promotion videos

-Logo, intro, outro videos

-infographic videos

-CV videos

We record HD videos in TV!

– Recording HD video in TV shows, events, programs

Editing web sites

-Edit for professional web sites

We create mobile applications!

-Mobile Applications

Photoshop and essential programs!


-Infographic covers

-QR code creating

-QR code with logo creating

Creating GIF!

-GIF for social medias

Mailing management!


Converting & Merging

-pdf,word,excel converting each other

-Compress your files and minimize them

Wall Systems


-Twitch + YouTube Gaming + YouNow



-Pinterest + Instagram + Flickr


-Soundcloud + Spotify

– Blogspot + Tumblr + WordPress

Private Access

– Special invitation for special summits, festivals, shows, events

Business Networking Meets

– Meet with professionals!

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